Bonlok Benefits

What are the direct benefits to your project by using Bonlok?


Traditionally metal to metal connections have used fusion to form joints, going back to the days of ancient blacksmithing. Certainly the technology has come a long way since the forge, such as arc welding, oxyfuel welding as well as semi-automatic and automatic processes such as GMAW, SAW, FCAW and ESW but they are all variations of the same thing – using fusion to form metal to metal joints.

As such, Welding is a hazardous undertaking and precautions are required to avoid burns, electric shock, vision damage, inhalation of poisonous gases and fumes, and exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation, and requires certification of the safe and efficient handling of the welding gear, inspection of the weld itself as well monitoring of the welding environment.

BONLOK is a permanent pipe connection equivalent to a welded joint. Based on Swage technology, which utilizing two 360° metal to metal sealing rings (no o-rings). Perfect design, exquisite Swiss technology and superior quality make BONLOK widely used around the world. BONLOK is designed to be convenient, highly-effective, safe and reliable and is certified by all major international classification societies.

The transformative benefits of employing Bonlok over welding joints

Improved Safetysafety_image

  • Tamper proof: Bonlok is designed as a permanent joint.
  • Risk of fire or explosion due to hot work is eliminated.
  • No fumes or smoke produced; eliminating need for special ventilation.
  • No hazardous materials are used in the process.
  • No welding or grinding, thus reducing the potential for injuries.

Improved qualityquality-seo

  • Joint reliability is ‘machined into’ and not reliant on the skill or ‘touch’ of the welder.
  • The presence of oil, fuel or water do not effect the joint quality.
  • Metal-to-metal seals will not melt or degrade during fire.
  • Installation is a ‘cold work’ process thus eliminating the heat affected zone and the deteriorated metallurgical properties associated with such zones.
  • Rework is drastically reduced or eliminated.

Improved productivityapproved-stamp-slanted

  • Gas-freeing tanks and spaces are not required.
  • No hot work, no fire watches and no disruption from events that stop hot work (for example, painting, hot oil flushes, fuel spills, etc.)
  • Fittings may be installed in system that is not drained or dried.
  • Joint inspection is visual only, no NDT is required!
  • Minimum training and qualification requirements.
  • Flushing from brazing or welding are completely eliminated.
  • Damages to wiring, tile, equipment and surfaces are eliminated.


Improved job screeningIncrease-Your-Productivity

  • Bonlok fittings can be consistently installed in the field at a rate of approximately 10 times faster than equivalent weld connections.
  • Bonlok fittings can be installed in any weather conditions, indoors and outdoors, with no loss of productivity.
  • Eliminates or significantly reduces welding-related costs such as hot work permits, the building of weld boxes, welder availability and plant downtime.
  • Eliminates the need to purge (‘gas free’) process lines as required for hot work.


Easy accessPicBatteryPumpHoseGaugeCharger

  • Compact, lightweight hydraulic installation tools require only one-plane of access on fitting applications.
  • Closely spaced pipe runs can be fabricated or repaired using Bonlok fittings.




Low rework – less than 0.1%rework

  • Historical rework rates for Bonlok fittings are less than 0.1% of all installations compared to 5-10% for welded installations.
  • Zero contamination in the tube or pipe connections eliminates flushing requirements.

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