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BONLOK@ is a permanent pipe connection system, based on Swage technology, which is 100% metallic sealing and high force locked. Perfect design, exquisite Swiss technology and superior quality make BONLOK@ widely used around the world. BONLOK@ is designed to be convenient, high-effective, safe and reliable and is certified by major international authoritative agencies..

Industrial Uses: Offshore Oil / Gas; Ship Building; Mining; Petroleum / Chemical Industry; Plant Constructions; Machinery Construction; Hospital Installation; Food/ Dairy/ Sugar Processing Industry; Nuclear Reactors

Application Areas: Fire suppression; Sprinkler Systems; Compressed Air Systems; Heating Systems; Water Piping; Sewage Systems; High-pressure Washing; Hydraulic Fluids


Manuals and Reports


Working Pressure Charts

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Bonlok Pressure Test

Pressure Burst Trial Example:Pressure (3)

The Bonlok fitting is designed to withstand a working pressure (PN) higher than the one of the pipe in use.

Trial Example using small diameter pipe size and wall thickness

  • Sample:  Bonlok Standard Coupling
  • Pipe OD: 3/8” (17.2 mm)
  • Wall thickness:  2.5 mm
  • Pipe material:  Carbon Steel



Pressure Burst Trial Result:

Cracking Pressure :Max.-Pressure-565-44517,229 psi (118.8 MPa)

A maximum pressure of 118.8MPa (17230psi) was borne by Bonlok pipe fitting O.D.17.2mm during the test. The pipe burst, ending the test, while the Bonlok fitting with connected pipe maintained integrity.

Bonlok Tooling

Bonlok Press Kit RangePICBonlokNewP-60Window1

  • Bonlok Manufacture 12 Press Kits, that range from 1/4″ to 6″ (4-168mm)

  • Compact and Lightweight hydraulic installation tools only require one plan of access on fitting application



Bonlok Press ToolsPicBonlokNewP-60window2

  • Cost effective system

  • Fast and easy to use hydraulic installation

  • Installs quickly in adverse conditions

  • No contaminants






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