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About Bonlok Worldwide

Bonlok is backed by European and Chinese Investors who see the great advantages of the technology to benefit a range of industries. Following through on that commitment, in 2012 a factory was purchased along with CNC machines for product testing and certification and local sales commenced with Bonlok started supplying customers in the Asian market. Bonlok has been progressing slowly but steadily building out its technology and infrastructure. Patents have been approved in China, Korea and Japan, and the US patent is pending. In 2013 Distributor/Agents were established in Korea and Singapore.

In 2015 Bonlok UK Ltd was established to manage the distribution of Bonlok Products outside of the Asia region.

China Manufacturing Credentials

Bonlok has its own purpose built manufacturing facility of 20,000 sqm, in Tianjin Province of China.  The facility is ISO9001-2008 Certified and the company operates a very efficient production process.

Expertly cast and machined Fittings

  • Cost: Bonlok is priced 40% less than our competitors,
  • Compliance with customer requirements
  • Fast Delivery – low lead time on project orders. For large forward orders, local warehousing of future months projected requirements can be implemented to provide Just in Time delivery.
  • Traceability of quality materials

Bonlok manufacturing currently employs 30 personnel at its Chinese Manufacturing base, and operate 15 CNC machines with industial space to quickly scale further to meet additional custom demand.

Swiss Design


Bonlok pipe fitting technology, was invented by Mr. Godfrey Haener a Swiss engineer.  Like the best inventions this new technology is an industry ‘game changer’ causing classification societies and major industry leaders to re-evaluate their processes and expectations.

This revolutionary new pipe fitting system represents a change of quantum proportions rather than an incremental improvement on existing technologies.   The introduction of this new technology means reinventing the standard of piping connections, not just in terms of the quality of the connection in service but significantly the process of installing pipework and fittings, be it in a new installation or in a repair scenario.

Locations and Logistics

With manufacturing based in China, Tianjin Airport Economic Area, China, Bonlok has implemented a Management and Distribution is centered in the United Kingdom to service non-China clients.

Bonlok Uk Ltd, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 2PQ, United Kingdom

For large clients which require constant ongoing monthly supply we implement a just in time, just in place local warehousing system either directly or in conjunction with our distributors. Effectively this means the expected future months forward orders are pre-warehoused at a location near the client. The product pre-orders are shipped directly from manufacturing, inspected at the warehousing and then transported to the client on receipt of the monthly order, to ensure timely receipt of product and efficient client operations.


Bonlok has secured pipe approvals with:

  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Germanischer Lloyds
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • Lloyds Register (pending)

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