Our questionnaire

Complete our information questionnaire and a Bonlok representative will contact you to discuss your requirements, identify the right solution for you and put you in touch with the nearest distributor to submit to you a pricing proposal for supplying your project.

What is the primary application for which our fittings will be used? Hydraulics, Gas, Water, Air, etc

What is the working pressure of your system? Our fittings have a median working pressure of 3,000 Psi / 240 Bar, depending upon size and wall thickness of pipe or tubing the working pressure may increase.

Can you please specify pipe material standard and grade for compatibility? Our fittings are made of different grades of Stainless steel (316L / 3CR13 / Duplex 2205) and Carbon Steel (St52 / A106).

Can you please specify dimensions? Diameter and wall thickness of piping or tubing. Fittings are made to OD dimension of pipe or tubing with a 0.5mm to 1mm tolerance so this is very important.

Can you please specify the type of fittings at points of connection that we will transition to with Bonlok fittings? For example, type of flange, valves, gauges, pumps, mail or female thread type and thread standard.

Can you specify the environmental conditions in which piping will be installed and how it will be installed? For example, temperature, vibration, insulation, above or below ground, degree of humidity, will it be encased etc.

Are there particular requirements that must be met prior to installation? For example, product certification, shipping method, packaging and labeling etc.

Don't Be Shy

The questionnaire is here for us to get to know your project and requirements, but if you have other questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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