Distributor Fitting 6 Outlet, DIN Imperial



Product Description

Distributor Fitting 6 Outlet, DIN Imperial Standard

Carbon Steel St 45
Primary Uses

For steel water pipes (longitudinal welding St 37.0) DIN 2458, DIN 1626

For steel water pipes (without welding St 37.0) DIN 2458, DIN 1626, UNI 7287/86

For steam pipes (without welding St 37.0) DIN 2441, DIN 1629

For commercial steel pipes St 35.2 UNI 2897 and ASTM A 106-B

For commercial pipes according to ANSI B 36.10 (Schedule)


Pipe fitting material

Main Body Carbon Steel ST 45

Press Rings Carbon Steel ST 45

Important: Pipes having a wall thickness less than s= min need a stiffening sleeve. This must be ordered separately.

Remarks: The Bonlok fitting is designed to withstand a working pressure (PN) higher than the one of the pipe in use.


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Additional Information

Weight kg
Product Material

Carbon Steel St 45, Stainless Steel 316L, Stainless Steel 316L Combi (CS Press Rings)


G1/4″, G3/8″

DIN Distributor Size (Imp)

3/8″, 17.2 OD, 1/2″, 21.3 OD, 3/4″, 26.9 OD, 1″, 33.7 OD, 1 1/4″, 42.4 OD, 2″, 60.3 OD

Distributor Outlets


Bonlok Instructional Video from Bonlok on Vimeo.

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