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XC-Series Cordless Hydraulic Pump

Performance of a Powered Pump, portability of a Hand Pump

The XC-Series cordless pump is ideal for jobs using small to medium size cylinders and hydraulic tools, and is compatible with over 140
Enerpac tools and cylinders. These cordless pumps combine the performance of a powered pump with the portability of a hand pump making
them a perfect solution for remote applications with limited or no access to a power supply or for locations where corded solutions present trip hazards.

XC Series Reservoir Capacity: 60-120 in3
Flow at Rated Pressure: 15 in3/min.
Maximum Operating Pressure: 10,000 psi

The Lithium-Ion battery provides superior run time, even under extreme job site conditions.*
• 279 cuts of 3/8” reinforcing bar using the WHC-750 cutter
• 112 lifts with the WR-5 spreader
• 44 splits on 1”, grade 8 nuts using the NC-3241 nut splitter
• 28 lifts of an RC-104
The XC-Series cordless pump is CSA and CE compliant.
* Actual number of cycles per charge will vary depending on condition of tool,battery and ambient conditions.

G2535L Gauge: Minimize the risk of overloading and ensure long dependable service from your cordless pump.

Battery packs contain no cadmium, so they are environmentally friendly. Enerpac encourages recycling.

28-Volt Battery: The XC-28V with Lithium-Ion technology for maximum battery performance.

Battery Charger: 1-hour quick charger.

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Enerpac XC Models

XC-1201M, XC-1201MB, XC-1202M, XC-1202MB, XC-1202ME, XC-2101ME